• Georgia Police Officers Face Dangers on the State’s Highways

    Georgia police officers face daily danger when they are on highway patrol duties. Often they are victims of the accidents they police. Recently in Georgia’s Forsyth County, a deputy was transported to a local hospital after another car hit his patrol vehicle. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office reported that the deputy, Ron Reeves was sitting in his patrol car on the shoulder of Ga.

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  • Two 18 Wheelers Crashed and Caught Fire in Northern Georgia

    When big rigs crash, the results can be devastating. Recently, two 18 wheelers crashed on Cleveland Highway in Cohutta in northern Georgia. One of the drivers was reported to be seriously injured. He was flown by helicopter to Nashville. The accident occurred just after midnight on Nov 30, reported WDEF News 12 Now. The seriously injured driver was identified Jacob L.

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  • Two Georgia Southern Students Are Killed in a Car Crash

    Teens and other young people are statistically more likely to be killed in car crashes than older drivers. We were saddened to read about how two Georgia Southern students were killed in a recent wreck near Macon. The deadly car wreck south of Macon killed two Georgia Southern students who were also brothers in late November 2017 reported WTOC.com.

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  • Improper Lane Changes – A Major Cause of Georgia Accidents

    Improper lane changes are a major cause of traffic accidents in Georgia. They may cause sideswipe accidents whereby a car comes into contact with another in an adjacent lane, or an improper lane change can cause a car to brake suddenly or swerve, impacting other drivers. Usually, in these accidents the driver who makes the lane change is at-fault and he or she will often receive a citation.

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  • Do You Have to Wear a Bicycle Helmet in Georgia?

    Georgia personal injury lawyers are sometimes asked if it’s the law to wear a bicycle helmet in the state. The answer is no unless you are under 16. However, there are sound personal safety reasons to wear one Georgia bicycle statues require riders who are under 16 to wear an ANSI compliant cycling helmet. The ANSI is the American National Standards Institute.

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  • Georgia Semi-Truck Driver Dies After Crash Sparks Fire

    When big rigs crash, other drivers, and passengers are frequently in danger. However, truckers also face dangers on a daily basis. Recently, a Georgia semi-truck driver lost his life in a crash that sparked a house fire. The wreck occurred close to the intersection of Industrial Park Road and Highway 411 in Cartersville in November.

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  • Five Bad Weather Driving Tips in Atlanta

    Snow is not a regular event in Georgia. When a winter storm arrives in the state it can be devastating because local authorities are ill-prepared for bad weather and drivers are not accustomed to it. Here are five bad weather driving tips to help you if a snowstorm hits or the mercury drops. 1 Beware of Black Ice During snowy weather, drivers may pay lots of attention to the ...

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  • Opioid Abuse in Targeted by New District Attorney

    Opioid abuse in Georgia and elsewhere has claimed thousands of lives. The new U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia has promised a tough approach to the problem. A report in the Newnan Times-Herald noted that while the illegal use of prescription painkillers is falling, synthetic fentanyl and heroin have grown in popularity among drug users. BJay Pak, who took over as U.S.

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  • Seven Most Dangerous Things to Ignore on Your Car

    As cars get older they become more prone to accidents if they are not properly maintained. When a car breaks down on a busy highway like the interstates around Atlanta, drivers and passengers can be placed in danger. Here are seven most dangerous on your car that you ignore at your peril. Common car dangers 1 The Timing Belt The timing belt will snap if you don’t replace it.

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  • The Hazards of Overloaded Trucks in Georgia

    Big rigs are dangerous enough when they are not overloaded. These vehicles have long stopping distances and often drivers are drowsy from long hours on the road. Add overloaded trucks to the equation, and the consequences can be truly frightening. Most trucking and distribution companies are motivated by the bottom line. They may cut corners to make a profit and this can mean overloading trucks.

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  • Four Common Car Accident injuries

    Every year, millions of people are injured in car accidents in the United States. In 2016, the number was a staggering 4.6 million according to the National Safety Council which also noted a 6 percent rise in deaths. In this article, we outline some common car accident injuries. If you suffer a minor sprain or minimal soft tissue damage you may not need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

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